Funart Decor is a company specialized in the creation and production of decorative pieces for the home through ancestral techniques such as metal casting and woodworking applying technology such as laser cutting. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products that enhance the beauty and style of their interior and exterior spaces.

Craftsmanship and Creativity

We excel at combining traditional craftsmanship with creative innovation. Our team of highly skilled artisans works with dedication to create unique and exclusive pieces that reflect a high level of detail and design.

Variety of Materials

We use a wide range of metals, such as bronze, aluminum and the combination of them in carbon steel. Each material is carefully chosen to ensure durability and aesthetics, adapting to interior and exterior design trends.

Wooden Furniture

We design and manufacture wood furniture that reflects elegance and functionality. Using high quality woods and advanced joinery techniques, we create pieces that adapt to any style, from classic to contemporary.


We understand that each customer has unique tastes and preferences. We offer customization services, allowing our customers to choose from a variety of finishes, sizes and designs customized to suit their specific needs.



Our catalogs include a variety of decorative pieces, such as lamps, mirror frames, ornamental furniture and bathroom accessories. We strive to offer versatile options to suit different decorating styles.

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